Our Classes


The Sri Chinmoy Centre is serving the local community with free meditation classes, given by our volunteers.  We believe that meditation is a vital portion of our daily lives, as we eat outer food for physical survival we need to feed ourselves inwardly if we are to stand strong against the waves of turmoil and restlessness that we encounter in our lives.

Our way is to offer an easy, natural and immediate experience of meditation through the qualities of the heart, as even the ancient Romans knew that “experience is the most efficient teacher of all things”.

The classes cover the following basics:

  • Concentration and breathing exercises, as introductory and preparatory stages for calming the mind and the meditation proper;
  • Meditation exercises – progressing from basic, guided ones, with concentration on an outer object or using visualization techniques, meditating on uplifting music, until we are ready to meditate in silence.

The classes include short discussions on related subjects such as: difference between the mind and the heart, is meditation “practical”, establishing a meditation practice, regularity, important inner qualities for meditation: simplicity, sincerity; meditation and prayer, spirituality, importance of physical fitness, spirituality and art, etc.

If you are interested in our classes please fill the contact form.

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