Privacy and Terms of Use policy for

This privacy and terms of use policy applies to any user visiting, hosted by Vasudeva Server.

1. Cookies Policy

  • The website uses cookies for statcounter analytics.  By using website you consent to the use of cookies.

2. Information provided in contact form entries

  • The information you provide in our contact form is only used for the purposes of letting you know of our upcoming classes and events.
  • By sending us your contact form information you agree to be contacted via phone, email, or cell phone text messages for information on our classes and events.
  • The contact form data you submitted to is stored on our servers in encrypted form. The form data you submit is automatically deleted from our server within a week.
  • We do not sell your information to third party business entities.
  • We share your information with our analytics provider for the purposes of our website analytics (see next section).
  • Our web hosts collect only your IP addresses and time of visit and do not contain personal identifiable information.
  • You can contact us via the contact form to request that the data you submitted be deleted.  Please be sure to provide us with the correct phone number so that we can respond and confirm the removal of your data.  We will delete your data regardless of whether or not we are able to respond or confirm the removal of your data.
  • If you have any questions as to how your information is stored or used, please use the contact us using the contact form.

3. Statistics and access logs

  • We use web analytics provider to gather statistics on how visitors find and use our site, which helps us make the site better. In order to do so, our analytics provider collects the time and date of visit (to help us understand when are the busy times on the site), the IP address, information about browser, operating system and device information such as type and screen size (so we can make sure that the site is working well on all browsers, operating systems and devices) and referring data such as search engine links (this can help us to understand which search engines are helping visitors to find our website).
  • Statistics of are automatically deleted after 3 months of contact form submission.
  • Our web hosts collect your IP addresses and time of visit.  They do not collect personal identifiable information.

4. Terms of Use Policy

  • You must be at least of legal adult age as defined by law to use our website.  We do not allow minors to contact us or use our contact form to know more about our classes or events.  Any information submitted by minors will be deleted from our servers and emails within 2 days upon our awareness of the facts brought to our attention by the requestor.
  • We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable data of persons 16 or under. Please contact us if you are a parent or guardian of a minor whom has submitted information so that we can delete it.
  • You agree that you are representing yourself, and not on behalf of any organization, corporation, or entity (as an contractor, employee, or volunteer) when you use and submit personal information using our contact form.
  • You agree that you are not using our website or contact form for the purposes of obtaining profiling data for an organization, corporation, government, or any entity.
  • You agree after submitting your personal information using our contact form to allow us to contact you and hold us harmless when we attempt to contact or reach out to you.
  • webpages contain links to other websites; you agree to hold us harmless when you visit the referral websites using our links.

5. Policy Updates

  • We reserve the right to update our privacy and terms of use policy.
  • From time to time we will update our privacy and terms of use policy.  Please check this page periodically for most up to date information.